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Mercer Hartman


My work is defined by an inner narrative and process. The narrative is emotional storytelling, while the process reveals itself when actions are taken. The narrative and process are the result of how the material responds and what it reveals to me about its potential. This is a layered process with numerous iterations of form, surface treatments and revisions to discover the inherent narrative within the object. All materials hold stories within, we must work to find their limits and beauty. The archaeology of my own past, the addition of our current culture and our place within the world are all forces that influence visual searches and path of expression within the work. The work unfolds as a series of work, to refine a visual conversation. My search is to express beauty yet not in a classic sense. My objects and paintings hold an expression of decay, transformation and death – they reveal life. 




Cahan Collection, Sherman Oaks, CA 

Private Collection, Boston, MA

Saud Gallery, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Anonymous, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Private Collection, Los Angeles, CA

Elasi Collection, Los Angeles, CA

Ate/Nine Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

Bowen Collection, Reno, NV

CA Development, Inc, Newport Beach, CA

Felix Collection, Santa Monica



Dwell Exhibition, Los Angeles, CA

Upper West, One Person Show, Santa Monica, CA

Ate/Nine Foundation Exhibition/Auction

Wight Art Gallery, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

La Jolla Museum of Art, Group Exhibition, San Diego, CA 

Koike Studio, Tokyo, Japan

Newport Harbor Art Museum, Newport Beach, CA

Barkley Gallery, Group Exhibition, Ventura, California

California State University, Fullerton, Group Exhibition

Newport Harbor Art Museum, Group Exhibition, Newport Beach, CA



UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

Otis Parsons, Los Angeles, CA

CSUF, Fullerton, CA



M.A. CSUF, Environmental Design

B.A. CSUF, Art & Design



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